Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies to enroll?
Students in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade who reside within Irvine Unified School District are eligible to enroll.

  1. A parent or designated instructor must provide daily instruction at home.
  2. Special Education students whose active IEP indicates San Joaquin Elementary School or San Joaquin Middle School as the school of enrollment.

What are the program costs?
San Joaquin Elementary School and San Joaquin Middle School are free programs. We provide access to online curriculum for all core curriculum, as well as consumable workbooks for many lessons.

May we use our own curriculum?
No, all students will use the online curriculum corresponding to California Common Core Standards. Parents can use their own materials as enrichment.

Is there a curriculum plan?
Yes, Course Contracts provide curriculum guidelines in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science for each grade level.

What are my responsibilities?
At the time of enrollment, parents will sign a Master Agreement that will include some of the following responsibilities:

  1. To provide daily instruction (minimum of 4 hours a day) during normal school hours.
  2. To submit a PE Log by the end of each Attendance Period. Students must demonstrate academic progress in the four core subjects as shown through online curriculum.
  3. To attend Parent/Student/Teacher conferences (minimum, Goal Setting Conference and End of the Year Conference).
  4. To return all non-consumable materials at the end of the school year.
  5. To maintain regular contact with your San Joaquin Elementary or Middle School supervising teacher.

How do I enroll?

See Contact Us Information on this page, or complete the inquiry form below.