Mission & Vision

Creekside Education Center Guiding Principles

Our Vision:

Our vision is to empower students as lifelong learners, to acquire, demonstrate and value the knowledge and skills needed to participate in and contribute to the global world and embody the core values of commitment, honors and self direction.

Our Motto:

Every Day is a New Day to Succeed!”

Our Mission:

We are dedicated to helping students achieve their individual potential through academic and personal growth



Schoolwide Learning Outcomes

Effective Communicators

  • Comprehend, evaluate, and synthesize complex written material across a diverse range of disciplines
  • Communicate effectively through written, digital and visual material appropriate to the purpose and audience
  • Actively listen for meaning and message in a variety of formats, critically and constructively
  • Convey complex ideas while demonstrating global and intercultural fluency skills

Critical Thinkers

  • Synthesize knowledge, facts and data to solve problems
  • Demonstrate ethical thinking, decision making strategies
  • Apply sound reasoning and analytical thinking across disciplines
  • Demonstrate integrity while practicing solution focused positive interpersonal skills and conflict resolution

Self Directed Individuals

  • Identify personal strengths and abilities to effectively utilize career and post secondary opportunities
  • Apply a growth mindset to effectively adapt to an ever changing world
  • Make positively informed choices that promote social engagement and self management

Contributing Community Members

  • Demonstrate respect and inclusivity across cultures

  • Demonstrate responsible civic engagement

  • Access and use information and skills to enhance lifelong learning

  • embrace a growth mindset to positively impact the ever-changing world