Mission & Vision

Creekside Education Center Guiding Principles


Vision Statement

“Each student will leave Creekside Education Center with effective communication skills, cultural awareness, and the capacity to pursue a field of expertise that encourages each student to be a contributing member of society.”


Mission Statement

“Creekside High School and San Joaquin High School are dedicated to helping students achieve their individual potential through academic and personal growth.”


Our Motto

“Every Day is a New Day to Succeed.”


Student Learning Objectives:


— Effective Communicators

  • Read for retention and understanding

  • Communicate proficiently through speech, written expression, and technology

  • Listen actively and reflectively

  • Communicate in a socially respectable manner


— Strategic Thinkers

  • Employs higher level thinking skills

  • Demonstrate ethical thinking, decision making, and problem solving strategies

  • Utilize high level mathematical principals

  • Demonstrate positive nonviolent conflict resolution


— Healthy Self-Directed Individuals

  • Access career planning information

  • Identify personal strengths and abilities and apply them to potentially successful career and employment opportunities

  • Access and use information in order to adapt to a changing world

  • Make informed choices that promote appropriate social, physical, and mental health


— Contributing 21st Century Citizens

  • Demonstrate respect and tolerance within and across cultures

  • Contribute responsibly to the community

  • Demonstrate responsible civic involvement and participation

  • Access and use information and skills to enhance lifelong learning