Counseling Information

**Counselor Office Hours For Student Drop In**

1. Your counselor is available on a drop in basis during “Office Hours”

  • Before school (7:45 am-8:15 am)
  • During Break
  • After-School from 2:15-3:00

2. If your counselor is unavailable during office hours:

  • See staff in the front office for a "Student Request to See Counselor" form
  • Leave the completed request form in binder provided
  • You will receive a call slip when your counselor is available


**3 Reasons to See Your Counselor**


Schedule changes and course adjustments, transcript review, graduation status, college planning; also includes study skills.


Decision making, goal setting, problem solving and non-academic concerns or conflicts with others (friends, family, teachers); also includes Integrity, Honoring Self and Others and Social Responsibility.


Interest in the world of work, personal interests and abilities; also includes paths to achieve future goals.

Life After High School Guidebook