Enrollment & Registration

Students who reside within Irvine Unified School District are eligible to enroll with San Joaquin Elementary School and San Joaquin Middle School, formerly Irvine Home School. To see if you live within Irvine Unified School District, please see our attendance map.

Schedule for Orientation/Registration

 We are looking forward to meeting with you and your children. Please remember that all children enrolling in San Joaquin Elementary and/or Middle School must be present at the time of registration. We ask that you make other arrangements for preschoolers on this day. Contact us for enrollment information. Thank you. 

Required Documents for Enrollment

The following documents must be completed prior to enrolling:

  1. Student Enrollment Information Form
  2. Residency Verification Form Residency Verification-Affidavit Form 2017-18
  3. Parent Notification Card Please print and bring with other documents for registration.
  4. Special Health Condition Information Card (if needed, see Clerk at Registration)
  5. Proof of student's age: Official or Certified Copy of Birth Certificate or Current Passport or Immigration Certificate. (only needed if NEW to IUSD)
  6. Proof of Immunization Records to certify up-to-date immunizations for each student. Click here for an explanation of the student health requirements for school entry including TB skin testing, immunizations, and examinations.
  7. Annual Parent/Guardian/Student Notification 2016-2017
  8. Authorization for Release of Student Records (only needed if NEW to IUSD)

All Kindergarten students must have completed a physical examination no more than six months prior to entering Kindergarten. (If an exam is completed between 6-12 months prior to Kindergarten entrance, another physical exam will be required prior to entering first grade.)

All students entering grade 7 will need proof of an adolescent whooping cough booster immunization for school in the fall. For more information please visit our district website at: IUSD.org - Health Services