Options for Full Time Students


High School students may enroll full time at San Joaquin High School. Enrollment referrals are generated by a counselor at the student's home comprehensive high school. We accept students at the beginning of each semester (August and January).

Full time San Joaquin High School students should be self motivated, credit current, and highly responsible. Our blended learning program at San Joaquin High School is an optional educational alternative that students and families voluntarily select and placement is mutually agreed upon by parents and San Joaquin administration.

Success in blended learning requires motivation and a strong commitment on the part of the student and, especially for a young student, his/her parents or guardian. Blended learning utilizes an instructional strategy that addresses individual needs and styles of learning. A contractual agreement is made between the certificated teacher as the general instructional supervisor, the student, and his/her parent or guardian. The written agreement sets educational objectives, resources to be used, and a method to evaluate successful completion of the agreement. State law provides that the education that students receive in blended learning be at least equal in quality and quantity to that offered in a traditional classroom setting.

The schedule of classes for San Joaquin High School can be found on our website under “Current Schedule of Classes”