Bell Schedule and Calendar


2021-22 Bell Schedule

2022-23 Bell Schedule

2022-23 Calendar

As part of our planning efforts for the 2021-22 school year, IUSD high schools will transition to common bell schedules – utilizing eight periods in a block schedule format – with an anchor day on Mondays during which students will attend all periods. Please see the bell schedule for reference which also includes an 8:30 a.m., or later, start time and a common end time each day of the week.

This common schedule will support the transition back to in-person instruction five days per week, giving schools the flexibility to meet students’ needs by building in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) time through advisement/homeroom, interventions provided during the school day, and added support time through tutorial/office hours. The schedule also allows our schools to transition to a hybrid model in the unlikely event that the pandemic necessitates a return to cohort safety protocols. Additionally, the common bell schedule will support blended learning so that some classes may be taken on campus and some through the IUSD Virtual Academy (IVA). Information about blended learning has been provided in a separate communication.

Thank you for your partnership during this past year and as we prepare for a brand new school year. We will provide you with updates when new information becomes available.